State of the art facilities, easy to find, free parking

The LeAF Academy has an extensive range of state of the art sports facilities. The new hall measures 27m by 60m with a 13m high roof, meaning it is able to host international events for a variety of different sports. Free parking is available outside of Oakmead School and access to the sports hall is at the back end of the school. We train every Monday, 8:30-10pm.

4 courts, 3 local league clubs

During training we have access to 4 courts. Court 1 is allocated to our top level players. Courts 2 & 3 are used as general practice courts with drills and matches and court 4 is for our novice players. We also use this court for training for our Ladies tournaments, lowering the net to standards.

Our training sessions see 3 clubs combine; Panthers, Spike Monkeys and Sandbanks. Our combined sessions help us to develop by allowing us to play against other players at a similar level.